Game Reports

Game reports provide a repository of knowledge developed, curated, and analyzed by wargame practitioners from the Department of the Navy. Additionally, they provide a demonstrable set of “why” and “how to” examples of all phases of wargaming conduct, from conceptual development through final analysis. Grounded in both the theory and experience of wargame practitioners, these reports provide a usable set of examples for professionals from all levels of experience interested in wargaming.

Military officers from various countries participate in the first international wargaming course held at U.S. Naval War College.
Military officers from various countries participate in the first international wargaming course held at U.S. Naval War College (NWC). The two-week course was developed by NWC’s International Programs and Wargaming Department. The purpose of the course was to introduce international partners to the fundamental concepts of wargaming through the project management process, guided discussions, case study, group activities and practical application. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jess Lewis/released)

Naval wargaming vCoP

While the U.S. Naval War College has a long tradition of naval wargaming, the intent of the war game reports site is to focus on contemporary challenges in the operational art of naval operations. The site also includes links, for example, to Ethical Decision Problems and Tactical Decision Games, courtesy of the Marine Corps Gazette that allow the participants to utilize in the development of their own small group wargame problem solving and team building exercises. The reports are a core component of the naval wargaming vCoP, with additional tools for aspiring wargamers to utilize in enhancing their own critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Game Reports

Wargame reports found on the Naval Wargaming vCoP site require participants to have a Department of the Navy CAC with which to create an account. The site itself is behind a CAC wall on a dot mil NIPR domain. Once approved, participants have access not only to wargame reports, but to blogs, forums, threaded discussions and hundreds of articles and reports related to the art and technical aspects of wargame execution. Furthermore, participants receive a weekly summary of the previous week’s activity in one concise email to further enhance ease of information sharing, and connection with other interested participants in the many facets of wargaming.

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