Senior Administration Officers

Senior administration officers and advisors originate and execute command-level decisions that ensure efficient operations to maximize educational effectiveness, meet academic accreditation standards, enforce NWC policies, and advise best practices for future operations.

Office of the Provost
Thomas J. Gibbons photo
Thomas J. Gibbons

Associate Provost

Edward Joseph Gillen Profile Image
Edward J. Gillen

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Brad Carter Profile Image
Brad Carter

Associate Provost for Outreach and Engagement

Jeremiah Ross Dancy Profile Image
Jeremiah Ross Dancy

Associate Provost for Research

Michael H. Bush faculty photo
Michael H. Bush

Associate Provost for Academic Services

Senior Officers
Danielle Higson faculty photo
Danielle M. Higson

Inspector General

Adrianna Gonzalez faculty photo
Adrianna Gonzalez

Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer