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Reports and Studies

U.S. Naval War College is committed to educating and developing leaders, supporting combat readiness, and strengthening global relationships. To fulfill this mission, we must maximize our educational and research efforts to support the fleet and inform policy-makers. Through experimentation, analysis, and wargaming we gain a greater understanding of issues facing maritime strategy and the Navy’s role in national strategy.

NWC Reports and Studies

Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups Case Studies

The Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups' aim is to make these case studies part of an evolving and adaptive curriculum that fulfills the needs of students preparing to meet the challenges of the post-9/11 world.

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China Maritime Studies Red Books

The China Maritime Studies turns extended research projects—from antipiracy to ship-building—into publications of interest to scholars, policy makers, and analysts.

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Game Reports

Grounded in theory as well as the experience of the wargame practitioners, these reports provide an excellent set of examples for professionals interested in wargaming from all levels of experience.

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International Law Studies Journal

This peer-reviewed journal is the oldest international law publication of its kind in the country. Established in 1895, ILS publishes articles related to military affairs.

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International Seapower Symposium Proceedings

First held in Newport in 1969, ISS offers a unique opportunity for the world’s maritime leaders to discuss and promote international maritime security cooperation.

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Sense of the Faculty

A group of 30 Naval War College (NWC) faculty met in early February to consider all dimensions of the volatile North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea—DPRK) nuclear crisis. The all-day seminar consisted of wide-ranging discussions and debates, in addition to a survey portion.

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