Academic Leadership

Senior academic leadership officers and advisors originate and execute command-level decisions that ensure efficient operations to maximize educational effectiveness, meet academic accreditation standards, enforce NWC policies, and advise best practices for future operations.

Steven L Pierce Profile Image
Steven L. Pierce

College of Distance Education

Thomas E Mangold Jr. Profile Image
Thomas E. Mangold Jr.

International Programs

William Nault Photo
William J. Nault

College of Leadership and Ethics

Brian D. Doherty faculty photo
Brian D. Doherty

Dean of Students

Edward Cashman faculty photo
Edward B. Cashman

College of Maritime Operational Warfare

Paul Brister faculty photo
Paul Brister

Center for Naval Warfare Studies

Doyle Hodges faculty photo
Doyle K. Hodges

Dean of Academics

Michael J Sherlock Profile Image
Michael J. Sherlock

Dean of Academics

Rick Menard Profile Image
Rick Menard

Office of the Chief of Staff

Sean P Henseler Profile Image
Sean P. Henseler

College of Maritime Operational Warfare

Robert S Winneg Profile Image
Robert S. Winneg

International Programs

Robert Wayne Tomlinson Profile Image
Robert Wayne Tomlinson

College of Distance Education

Edmund B. Hernandez profile image
Edmund B. Hernandez

College of Distance Education

Faculty default image
James A. Schnelle

Center for Naval Warfare Studies

Lawrence T. Brown faculty photo
Lawrence T. Brown

College of Leadership and Ethics

Named Chairs
Mary Thompson-Jones
Mary Thompson-Jones

Named Chair of Women in National Security and Diplomatic Studies

Pauline M Shanks Kaurin profile image
Pauline M. Shanks Kaurin

James Bond Stockdale Named Chair for Professional Military Ethics

Saira Yamin faculty photo
Saira Yamin

Ambassador Swanee Hunt Named Chair In Women, Peace & Security

Sam J Tangredi Profile Image
Sam J. Tangredi

Leidos Named Chair of Future Warfare

John Jackson Photo
John E. Jackson

E.A. Sperry Named Chair of Unmanned and Robotics Systems

Andrew R Wilson Profile Image
Andrew R. Wilson

John A. van Beuren Endowed Chair of Asia-Pacific Studies

Chris Demchak Photo
Chris C. Demchak

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper Named Chair of Cyber Security

U.S. Naval War College Logo
Christopher Jasparro

Captain Jerome E. Levy Endowed Chair of Economic Geography and National Security

Peter J Dombrowski Profile Image
Peter J. Dombrowski

William B. Ruger Endowed Chair of National Security Economics

Timothy D Hoyt Profile Image
Timothy D. Hoyt

John Nicolas Brown Endowed Chair of Counterterrorism

Heath Jordan Brightman Profile Image
Heath Jordan Brightman

EMC Informationist Endowed Chair