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Academic Vision & Outcomes

Rear Adm. Stephen B. Luce, founding president of U.S. Naval War College (NWC), envisioned our institution as a “place of original research on all questions relating to war and to statesmanship connected with war, or the prevention of war.” Vice Adm. Stansfield Turner, our 37th president, expanded that vision, stating the college must emphasize intellectual development and academic excellence. These leaders’ timeless words embody the tradition and mission of our college.

Naval War College Vision

Our 2014-2018 strategic plan further refined our academic vision, keeping Luce’s words intact:

An objective and rigorous institution that develops strategically-minded warfighters and culturally adept, internationally focused, ethical leaders; advances the study of American seapower; and fosters “original research on all questions relating to war and to statesmanship connected with war, or the prevention of war.”

Our programs serve as the foundation of enduring relationships of inestimable value to our nation and the world. To support our vision, our educational enterprise invests in strengthening the creative and intellectual capital of our staff and faculty members. We recruit and retain the highest-caliber experts and professionals in their respective fields.


NWC graduates are innovative, ethical leaders who understand the complexities of contemporary national and international security environments; plan and think strategically; are masters of the operational art; and lead maritime, joint, interagency and multinational operations confidently to achieve national security objectives.

Graduates of our programs are able to advance in rank and grow in their military careers, a practical outcome of Professional Military Education and Joint Professional Military Education.

Our global network of alumni includes active duty flag and general officers, U.S. ambassadors, and leaders in government, academia and other public service positions. Our international graduates include ministers of defense, ambassadors, heads of state and chiefs of navies.

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Our Mission

NWC’s seven core missions align with our vision: to educate and develop strategic leaders, define the future Navy, support combat readiness, and strengthen global maritime security.

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Our academic programs, from year-long resident and distance education programs to short-term leadership courses, support our vision and mission.

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Our distinguished alumni serve in significant leadership positions nationally and internationally. We actively engage with our alumni and help them stay connected to NWC and each other through online resources and events on campus and around the globe.

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