The Registrar’s Office performs multiple functions; it oversees the receipt and administration of federal civilian nomination packages as well as responding to all requests for transcripts for the Naval War College, including the College of Naval Warfare, the College of Naval Command and Staff, the Naval Command College, the Naval Staff College and the College of Distance Education.

U.S. Naval War College Registrar

The Dean of Students serves as the Registrar and operates the military equivalent of an admissions office and student records office. The Registrar is responsible for development and maintenance of the college wide student database, academic records, statistical data, and biographical records. The Registrar also coordinates transcript preparation and works closely with the academic departments in grade preparation and computation; assists in the determination of eligibility to graduate with distinction and highest distinction; and coordinates graduate degree and diploma preparation for both resident and nonresident students. The Registrar is also responsible for alumni transcripts. Release of personal information regarding students and alumni is in accordance with the Federal Privacy Act. Transcripts are sent out only upon written request and with authorization from the graduate. In addition, the registrar oversees the receipt and administration of all civilian student nomination packages.

How to Order

Send a completed Transcript Request Form (DOC) to the Registrar by:

  1. Scan/Email
  2. Fax
  3. Mail (please allow a minimum of 7 to 10 business days for processing)
    Office of the Registrar
    US Naval War College
    686 Cushing Road
    Newport RI 02841-1207

NWC Education Verifications/Background Investigations

Anyone wishing to receive verification of a student’s academic record from the Office of the Registrar at the U.S. Naval War College is required to provide a signed release from the student.

Fax verification requests to the Registrar at 401-841-7568. Verifications cannot be provided via telephone.

Civilian Application Instructions

Every academic year, selected departments and agencies are invited to nominate civilian applicants in the grades of GS-14/15 or equivalent for admission to the College of Naval Warfare and civilian applicants in the grade of GS-13 or equivalent for admission to the College of Naval Command and Staff. Admission for civilian students nominated by their parent agency to the resident program requires a formal application package be submitted to the Naval War College.

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed application form
  2. Transcripts from baccalaureate and advanced degrees.
  3. Minimum of a secret security clearance.
  4. Biography or resume to include education and relevant work history (limited to two pages).
  5. Two letters of recommendation (LOR), at least one from a direct supervisor addressing communications skills both written and oral. A board nomination letter may be submitted in lieu of these LOR’s if candidate is selected by panel.
  6. Sample written essay addressing how you would benefit from participating in a Professional Military Education (PME) program offered at the U.S. Naval War College and how other students, especially military personnel, would benefit from your unique civilian agency perspective (limited to two pages).