Arrival Information

International Students at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) require a focus on different arrival information than resident domestic students, from passports to air travel to housing. New students will attend a multi-day introduction to the United States, Rhode Island and the mission of the NWC, with an emphasis on everyday services such as schools, banking, insurance, transportation, and shopping.

Students of U.S. Naval War College’s 2023 graduating class participate in a commencement ceremony on Dewey Field in Newport, R.I., June 16.

Arrival Information

Students must arrive with enough financial resources (approximately $3600 USD) in hand to support themselves for at least six weeks due to possible delays in administrative services.

Quarantine Restrictions

Arriving students or family members who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (regardless of vaccination status) are to quarantine for 5-days and remain in their rooms/homes maintaining strict social distancing protocols.

After Quarantine

After completing the 5-day quarantine, students will be free to travel in the local area and participate in social, sporting and cultural activities in accordance with the prevailing COVID-19 health regulations promulgated by Naval Station Newport and Rhode Island.