National Security Affairs Department

U.S. Naval War College’s National Security Affairs (NSA) Department is one of the nation’s largest and most vibrant graduate programs in national and international security studies. Our educational programs are rooted in both intellectual rigor and an understanding of the imperative for professional relevance.

Chair, National Security Affairs Department

Graduate-Level Security Studies

Our NSA department offers core courses for Naval War College’s master’s degree programs: national security decision making (NSDM) and theater security decision making (TSDM). These eight-credit courses provide a broad interdisciplinary foundation in contemporary security studies including international relations, regional studies, foreign policy analysis, and leadership studies.

The NSDM course, designed for senior-rank students, has more of a global focus, whereas the TSDM course, geared toward intermediate-rank students, emphasizes regional security challenges.

National Security Decision Making (NSDM) Course

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Theater Security Decision Making (TSDM) Course

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Practitioner Sessions

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Capstone Final Exercises

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Our Faculty

Our faculty embodies the ethos of a blended, interdisciplinary, and collaborative team of educators that includes both scholars and national security practitioners working together to combine academic rigor with policy relevance. Research, publication, and public outreach are important parts of any academic  organization’s mission, and the National Security Affairs Department is no exception. Engaged scholars and practitioners are not only better teachers, but also make important contributions to the discussions and debates regarding our national security and defense policies.

Here is a selection of highlights from the most recent NSA faculty contributions to the broader national and international security discourse (last updated August 10, 2017)

Books ( Since 2014 )

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Articles, Chapters, and Monographs ( Since 2015 )

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Conferences ( Organized and Chaired, Since 2016 )

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Keynote Addresses and Testimony ( Since 2016 )

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Our experienced and renowned faculty has years of earned expertise across a wide range of naval and educational topics. To learn more, please use the link below to access the online directory.

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