Stockton Center for International Law

The Stockton Center for International Law (SCIL) is an internationally recognized research institute for the study of international law and military operations that produces original analysis for national decision-makers, senior military leaders, scholars, and legal practitioners throughout the world in order to better grasp the role of international law in naval, Joint and Combined operations.

Stockton Center for International Law

About the Stockton Center

The Stockton Center for International Law is a department in the Center for Naval Warfare Studies that produces original research and analysis of both international law and military operations to educate and inform military leaders, national decision makers, and international law practitioners and scholars. The results of this analysis shapes legal interpretations affecting U.S. and partner nation forces throughout the world.

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International Law Studies Journal

International Law Studies (ILS) is the journal for international law published by the U.S. Naval War College. It was first published in 1895 and is the oldest international law periodical in the United States.

Each year, the journal publishes faculty peer-reviewed articles and analysis from the world’s leading experts and practitioners in the law of the sea, the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law, the law of naval operations, and the international law of conflict in the airspace, outer space, and cyberspace.

Questions about ILS may be sent to Editor-in-Chief, James Crisfield.

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Our Support, Domestically and Abroad

Our program provides international law research, analysis, and teaching to support the development of the Navy’s future strategy, the education and training of Navy leadership, and the conduct of fleet, joint, and combined operations. We also provide legal support to wargames and advice to the Fleet and other Department of Defense entities on a variety of international and operational law issues.

We serve as the Primary Review Authority for the Commander’s Handbook on the Law of Naval Operations, and have participated in the Tallinn Manual, the San Remo Manual, the Woomera Manual, the Harvard Air and Missile Warfare Manual, and other influential publications.

Annually, the Stockton Center hosts legal research workshops on emergent issues drawing many of the world’s leading international law experts, including the annual Alexander C. Cushing International Law Conference.

Conference on Oceans Law & Policy

Oceans Law & Policy Conference in NYC

Through the annual Conference on Oceans Law & Policy (established and formerly administered by the Center for Oceans Law & Policy, University of Virginia School of Law) the Stockton Center for International Law promotes interdisciplinary interaction with ocean-related legal and public policy issues at all levels, addressing international, national, regional, and state concerns.

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Stockton Center for International Law Faculty

The Stockton Center has civilian and military professors of international law that teach courses on the law of armed conflict, the law of naval warfare and maritime security law, and the law of airspace, outer space and cyberspace operations.

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Stockton Center Visiting Research Scholar Program

The Stockton Center invites eminent international law scholars, as well as exceptional younger scholars, to share their knowledge and varied perspectives with the U.S. Naval War College through its Visiting Research Scholar Program.

Interested applicants can find more information and details on how to apply here.

Visiting Fellows

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