4th Annual Stockton Center Law of Armed Conflict Conference (Russia-Ukraine)

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Tuesday, December 13-15, 2022
U.S. Naval War College, 686 Cushing Rd, Newport, RI 02841

Stockton Center for International Law

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The Stockton Center for International Law is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Law of Armed Conflict Conference, “Russia-Ukraine: Full-Spectrum Conflict and International Law,” co-sponsored by the Norwegian Defence University College and the Swedish Defence University.

Russia's further invasion into Ukraine follows its “New Generation Warfare” doctrine that emphasizes information operations, diplomatic and economic coercion, and guerrilla warfare as integral components of multi-domain armed conflict. This expansive approach to all-domain combat operations necessitates a similarly broadened and interdisciplinary approach to the international law governing these operations.

The 4th Annual LOAC Conference will address a broad range of emerging dilemmas in international law, including deterrence, neutrality, civilians in full-spectrum conflict, littoral combat, sieges and blockades, gray-zone and hybrid warfare, and post-conflict remedies. While these dilemmas are evident in Ukraine, the implications reach around the globe. The Stockton Center’s LOAC Conference will bring together international organizations, the global academic community, military and government attorneys, and experts in military operations from Europe, the United States, and allies and partners around the world. Selected research presented at the event will be published in International Law Studies, the oldest journal of international law in the United States.

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