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Wargaming at the Naval War College has an incredibly rich history as an integral part of the college since 1887. As part of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, the Wargaming Department remains the world’s premier gaming organization conducting approximately 50 games and events a year.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct high quality applied gaming, research, analysis, and education to support the Naval War College mission, prepare future maritime leaders, and help shape key decisions on the future of the Navy. As gaming professionals, we provide stakeholders with intellectually honest products utilizing rigorous research and analysis while employing gaming techniques which range from complex, multi-sided computer-assisted games to elementary, single-sided seminar games.

McCarty Little Hall

The Wargaming Department is located in McCarty Little Hall, a 110,000 square foot war gaming facility which opened in 1999. The building is named after Captain William McCarty Little, who was instrumental in the introduction and development of war gaming techniques at the Naval War College dating back to 1887. The building boasts a 180 seat auditorium, a television studio, conference facilities, ample office and classroom space, and 25 reconfigurable gaming cells.

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