Wargaming Department

In support of Naval War College’s academic mission, the Wargaming Department conducts high-quality applied gaming, research, analysis, and education. Simulating these complex war scenarios builds analytical, decision-making, and risk assessment skills.

Wargaming Department

Integral to Education

Since 1887, just a few years after our founding, wargaming has been integral to Naval War College’s academic programming. Each year, our department conducts 50-plus gaming events, ranging in complexity and format.

These activities, designed both for students and external organizations, foster an understanding of decisions today’s military leaders and civilian must make during maritime and joint warfare.

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Facilities and Faculty

Our 111,000-square-foot wargaming facility, housed in McCarty Little Hall, features a 180-seat auditorium, a television studio, dozens of reconfigurable gaming cells, and classroom and conference space. Our gaming cells can host up to 400 computer stations—and access to classified and secure networks—and all are equipped with state-of-the-art video technology and the ability to broadcast throughout the facility and around the world.

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The Department of Wargaming’s core faculty comprises about 40 military and civilian gaming professionals, who are supported by a staff of highly skilled technicians and enlisted Navy personnel. With their expertise comes a commitment to academic rigor and innovative research.

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