Office of Alumni Programs

The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) Office of Alumni Programs connects our global network of alumni through lifelong-learning and meaningful engagement via online educational resources, in-person events, and online networking platforms. Whether you’re serving your country, working with a government agency, teaching, or enjoying retirement, we’re glad you’re interested in staying in touch with NWC.

Opportunities to Connect and Learn is the primary online community for NWC Alumni to gather, network, and gain access to learning resources, receive newsletters, interest-based discussion groups, and a growing library of Lecture of Opportunity videos. These resources help to sustain the relationships gained while a student at the college and to foster new relationships through commonalities discovered on the platform.


Alumni connections in the wider world allow our students to maintain a network of support. Visit the NWC Linkedin page to become part of our network!

Face-to-Face Events

In addition to virtual and distance networks, the Office of Alumni Programs also sponsors more personal events and meetings.

Regional Alumni Symposia

Regional Alumni Symposia (RAS) are academic conferences premised on the belief that military education is a lifelong endeavor. These include keynote speeches by prominent military leaders and faculty-led panels addressing our current security environment.

The symposia also serve to foster professional interaction among rising military leaders and allow graduates to take advantage of and nurture the “Newport Connection.”

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Area Alumni Forums

Area Alumni Forums (AAF) serve a vital role in maintaining relationships with key alumni leaders throughout the world. These forums provide a space for alumni to meet and discuss specific areas of common interest they face.

Alumni within a geographic area arrange and coordinate the event with support from the Alumni Events Coordinator. When scheduled, the Alumni Programs delegation, along with select faculty members, travel to the forum for in-depth dialogue and area leader engagement.