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International Programs at U.S. Naval War College (NWC) directly support the development of robust global maritime partnerships. We emphasize the “Newport Connection” to enhance trust and confidence and also promote cooperation among partner nations. World events confirm the value of developing and maintaining such friendships.

About International Programs

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, who provided the vision for International Programs in 1956, was clearly a visionary in his understanding of the value of maritime engagement. The global security environment presents an increasingly complex set of challenges and opportunities.

Each year we bring 100 to 150 foreign officers to the U.S. from around the world. They study strategy, warfare, decision making, and operational art. Equally important, they learn how the United States works as a country through the field studies program. Each officer is greatly influenced by what they see and learn in the United States while forming strong and lasting bonds with their U.S. and international classmates.

After graduation, NWC continues to strengthen friendship and cooperation by sponsoring periodic alumni regional symposia to further promote multilateral relationships, cooperation, and exchange of ideas and to give U.S. Navy regional commanders a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with these distinguished military leaders.

International Courses at NWC

Naval Command College

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Naval Staff College

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Maritime Security & Governance Staff Course

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International Maritime Staff Operators Course

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To see more course offerings at Naval War College please visit our programs offered page.

Programs Offered

International Military Student and Sponsor Information

The Naval War College International Military Student Office (IMSO) has over 20 years’ experience seeing to the administrative and professional needs of our diverse student body. The IMSO can be reached at

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For Sponsors and Prospective Sponsors

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If you are interested in becoming an international sponsor, please email We will be happy to provide details about the program and our current needs.

International Seapower Symposium

The International Sea Power Symposium (ISS) is co-hosted by the Chief of Naval Operations and the President, U.S. Naval War College. It occurs in every second year. Attendees include the chiefs of the navies and coast guards from nations around the globe.

More Information on ISS