Welcome Incoming Students, Class of June 2023

U.S. Naval War College with yellow flowers in spring.
Please Note: This story has been updated on February 3, 2022.

Congratulations on being selected to attend the U.S. Naval War College (NWC)! The NWC faculty and staff look forward to your arrival and the opportunity to get to know you and work with you during your time here.

NWC Student Registration

NWC student registration is due Friday, 1 June. Instructions for completing the registration were in the welcome aboard email you received from the Dean of Students office. If you did not receive that email or have questions, please contact us (information below). Please fill out all the information requested to assist us in your registration.

Arrival to Newport

Due to the on-going COVID environment, in-processing is currently done in a hybrid fashion, some parts electronically and some parts in-person. DO NOT report to the NWC Quarterdeck to have your orders stamped. Check-in to NWC will be done virtually via the "New Student Arrival and Check-in" form located on Blackboard. Once the electronic form is submitted, you will be contacted by someone from our OPSCELL to confirm receipt of your information. DO NOT fill out the form until you arrive.

PCS Travel Restrictions

(Service and Command Dependent) A case-by-case basis waiver is not required to be exempt from the stop movement PCS travel restrictions. Per SECDEF memo from May 22, 2020 and NAVADMIN 168, section 2.B.7 the following circumstances are exempt from the stop movement travel restrictions: Travel to and from Professional Military Education Programs, defined by Navy as in-resident graduate education including in-resident Joint Professional Military Education (JPME).

Collaboration Tools

xpect to utilize online collaboration tools during your time here. Some of the tools we use are Zoom, Blackboard, and Microsoft teams. If you are unfamiliar with these tools, please take the opportunity to learn about them. You will have access to the NWC Blackboard site on 2 June. Instructions were included in the welcome aboard email.


Q: Is NWC going to be in person? A: We are an in-resident program and are looking at all the possibilities to provide an in-resident education. Personal interaction is what makes the NWC experience fulfilling. We are anticipating the fall trimester to be in person for all students. We stay committed to the safety of our faculty and students.

Q: Have there been any changes to scheduled dates? A: We are planning for orientation 26-28 July. Service specific indoc for non Navy students may occur prior – your Service Advisor’s Office will relay that information to you. Uniform for orientation on day 1 (26 July) will be USN: Summer Whites; USMC: Service C; USA: Service Class B; USAF/USSF: S/Sleeve no tie; USCG: Tropical Blue Long; Civ: business casual. Uniform for day 2 and 3 (27-28 July) will be business casual. Our academic classes will begin 5 Aug and your graduation date is scheduled to be 16 June 2023. In addition to orientation, all students are required to attend Convocation 2 August and Future Warfighting Symposium (FWS) 3-4 August. Uniform for convocation is USN: Summer Whites; USMC: Blue Dress D; USA: Service Class B; USAF: S/Sleeve no tie; USCG: Tropical Blue Long); Civ: business casual. Uniform for FWS is business casual.

Contact Information

Dean of Students Office
(401) 841-3373

Naval Staff College Director
Commander Mark Yehl

Naval Command College Director
Captain Michael Quan

International Military Student Officer
Ms. Dionne Horrabin

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