Leadership in the Profession of Arms

The future security environment is characterized by dynamic, complex situations that require adaptive leaders who can thrive under conditions of uncertainty. The Profession of Arms is built on leaders who build trust and confidence up and down the chain of command and with the American people they serve. The degree of trust and confidence that exists is based on the combination of the leader's competence and character.

Military standing salute

About the Course

As part of the core curriculum, students will take the Leadership in the Profession of Arms (LPA) course for one trimester. This pre-assigned core course is taken in lieu of electives and held once per trimester, depending on a student’s schedule.

The LPA course provides students with the opportunity to focus on themselves as leaders, reflect on past performance, examine personal strengths and weaknesses, develop new competencies and strengthen their personal character to enhance their ability to lead in a complex and dynamic environment.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of the course is to provide a developmental experience through a self-learning journey that combines educational rigor and professional relevance. Focus will be on internal growth in order to be more effective leaders in future roles. The intended outcome of this course is to enhance the ability to self-assess, apply critical thinking, and the strength of character needed by leaders in the profession of arms.