More than 300 new Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps students listen to an orientation briefing at U.S. Naval War College at Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island.
More than 300 new Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps students listen to an orientation briefing at U.S. Naval War College at Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island. (U.S. Navy photo by Haley Nace/Released)


New student orientation is a multi-day event designed to prepare you for your upcoming Naval War College experience and give you the information you need to be ready when classes begin. It will provide you the opportunity to meet the college leadership and learn about the academic year.

First Steps

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for the orientation of all incoming CNC&S and CNW students. Once your assignment to NWC is confirmed, you should contact the Dean of Students Office. Students from the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard should contact their respective Service Advisor as well. After contact has been established, you will receive a welcome aboard letter via email containing directions for online enrollment, housing information and preliminary reading requirements.

Orientation overview

Day One Briefs

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Day Two Briefs

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Day Three Briefs

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Past Day Three

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Student Issued Items

Each student in the resident course is issued an iPad, books, readings, and course materials at no cost. U.S. students must return the iPads and nearly all of their textbooks.

Access to Computers, Technical Support, and NWC Portal

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More Offerings Around NWC

Also available within the academic complex are the Eccles Library, medical offices, bookstore, barber shop, coffee and food, and breakfast and lunch (both hot and cold fare) at the Hewitt Café /MicoMart. A Naval War College identification badge and common access card give students twenty-four hour access to the complex and computer resources.

Library Facilities

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Additional Services

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Contact Information

Contact Information for Students

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Army Student Information

As an Army student attending the Naval War College, you have some unique administrative requirements for in/out-processing as well as pass and leave. There are two key organizations that require information to process you into the college, the Naval War College Dean of Students and the Army Student Detachment at Fort Jackson. Online in-processing for the college requires a username and password that is generated by the Dean of Students Office.

Two Courses that Army Students Attend at Naval War College

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In-processing Requirements

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Army Student Contact Information

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Fort Jackson Information

Student Detachment HomeIn-ProcessingOut-Processing

Pass and Leave Instructions

Check-in policy for Army Students and Faculty accountability at the Naval War College

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Orientation Information and More

Core Curriculum

The Naval War College (NWC) education provides a framework in which military and civilian leaders gain a profound understanding of strategy and operations.

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Other Academic Opportunities

These programs provide enhanced educational experiences for select students; encourage innovative and critical thinking; contribute to the professional military and national security literature.

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The Naval War College awards qualified resident U.S. graduates of the College of Naval Command and Staff with a Master of Arts degree in Defense and Strategic Studies.

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News, Media, & Events


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