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From our beginning as merely a request for books to support the first NWC class in 1885, to the current state-of-the-art Learning Commons Facility, the Henry E. Eccles Library has played a central role in the Naval War College mission to educate leaders.

Library History

The Naval War College Library has always been central to the Naval War College's educational and research programs. Its origins can be traced to a requisition for library books in August 1885.-Though established in 1884, the Naval War College held its first class in 1885, and the books were requisitioned for use of the first officers assigned to the War College. Nineteen years later in 1904 a building was erected to house the library which was then named the Alfred Thayer Mahan Library. In 1905 the first librarian was appointed.

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Our library staff is standing by to assist you and available in person at the hours posted below.

Department Number Fax Email
Reference (401) 841-3052 (401) 841-1140
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Classified Library (401) 841-6505
Acquisitions Dept (401) 841-6494
Naval Historical Collection (401) 841-2435
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After Hours Guidelines

You can still access the library 24/7 outside the posted hours of our circulation and research staff. Of course all web based resources are available 24/7 as well.


We have use-friendly borrowing, circulation, and renewal policies for faculty, staff, and students alike.

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Classified Library

Strategy and Policy lectures and lecture outlines, NWC student papers, award-winning papers, and research papers, Naval Warfare Publications, and more.

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We are here to assist both old and new library patrons in successfully utilizing all the resources the Naval War College Library has to offer.

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