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Our world-class faculty members are frequent media contributors to both historical and current issues in world affairs, policy, and national security. In addition, the Naval War College (NWC) hosts a wide variety of substantive and newsworthy events including lectures, symposia, and conferences throughout the year. The majority of NWC events are by invitation.

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The Naval War College is a dynamic institution with programs, events, and faculty contributions that are relevant and of interest from the local to the national level.

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Naval War College events showcase the expansive depth and reach of our programs and faculty, and enhance our relevance to the Navy and national security.

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Our wide variety of newsworthy lectures, symposia, and conferences are headlined by the annual Current Strategy Forum, the biennial International Seapower Symposium, and our Evening Lecture Series.

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Shaping the Global Conversation

On our site, we strive to showcase our student, faculty, and alumni contributions and include the most relevant articles and commentary that are pertinent to our mission and focus.

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College Announcements

Departmental and Administrative announcements address the most recent changes that may impact our Naval War College students, staff, and larger global community.

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Naval & Maritime News

The Naval & Maritime News is a daily compilation of naval and maritime news and issues from around the world, the goal of which is to bring a shared awareness to events in the naval and maritime realms.

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