Reference desk within the Learning Commons

Services & Support

The U.S. Naval War College Learning Commons provides support services and research support for a variety of efforts and requests.

Classroom Handouts

These handouts are used to support students developing an argument or thesis. They work individually or as a packet of related materials and are available for printing and distribution.

Help Desk Support

The Information Resources Help Desk provides technical and electronic support for online, technical, and sign-in efforts for students, faculty, and staff.

Interlibrary Loan Request

This section provides information on requesting items through interlibrary loan. This request is entered via the library catalog and requires an ID number (barcode on the back of your library keytag).

Library New Student Orientation

The library looks forward to assisting you with any of your research needs; this section provides a PowerPoint video on basic searching using Summon Power Search.

Off-Campus Access

Authorized U.S. Naval War College (NWC) users can access subscription electronic resources off-campus. NWC purchases licenses to provide access to these resources and authentication is required.

Renewing Library Items

Most items from the Library that are not yet overdue may be renewed by patrons. Renewals are allowed for all eligible library borrowers. Renewals may be made online, in person, or via email.

Teaching Tips

These pieces may help you think and talk about writing with your students in more effective ways. They may provide a backdrop as you design assignments for your courses.

Visiting the Library

Individuals not affiliated with the U.S. Naval War College that wish to visit the Henry E. Eccles Library will need to contact the library in advance for approval.

Exploring the Learning Commons

Henry E. Eccles Library

Our mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the College’s learning, research, and teaching needs for students and faculty.

More on the Library

Information Resources Department

We provide technology and support to meet the changing needs of the NWC community, supporting the spectrum of teaching, learning and research programs.

IRD Support & Services

Writing and Teaching Excellence Center

We provide a welcoming venue for the continued development of professional communication skills to equip graduates with the requisites to serve in higher levels of responsibility.

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