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Field Studies Program

The Field Studies Program (FSP) consists of a series of visits and single-day field trips designed to provide NSC students with a balanced understanding of U.S. society, institutions, and culture through exposure to various topics, including the U.S. governmental structure, judicial system, economic system, political party system, press and other communication media, urban issues, agriculture, and education institutions.

The Field Studies Program is designed to meet the requirements of the Navy’s International Program Office, the Joint Security Cooperation Education and Training (JSCET) Manual and DoD Field Studies Program Guidance. This program gives the international officer a balanced understanding of the United States and an increased awareness of the basic issues of internationally recognized human rights.

FSP Travel

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FSP Schedule

During the year, we will spend about 30 days traveling. FSPs are multi-day trips outside the local area; FTs are one-day local visits.

You can expect to make four to six major trips during the year, including the New England FSP that will occur in August, just prior to Convocation and the academic year. These trips are not only a very enjoyable and interesting part of your year at NSC, but also a formal part of the curriculum, and will involve attendance at briefings and demonstrations that are part of the academic syllabus. They also provide an opportunity to meet civilian and military leaders to reinforce certain aspects of the Naval War College curriculum and relate management theory and principles to management practices in large military complexes and industrial corporations. These presentations and discussions with civilian and military managers help to increase the your knowledge of the geography, economy, culture, and history of the United States.

Check the link below for the most up to date schedule, but please keep in mind that the FSP schedule is subject to change.

2017-18 FSP Schedule


On some trips families will be permitted to travel with us, at your own expense. This will require you to plan for their transportation, many of their meals, and even some activities to keep them occupied while we are performing official business during the working day. We will make every effort to include families in appropriate events during our trips. More details about each trip will be made available during briefings in advance of our departure dates.

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