Andres Howard

Fellow College of Maritime Operational Warfare
Cmdr., Chilean Navy
Andres Howard faculty photo


Chilean Navy officer Cmdr. Andres Howard is a professor and the fifth Chilean Navy officer to work in the college’s civilian-military humanitarian response program, where he teaches electives and conducts research on related topics. He is a recent graduate from the U.S. Naval War College, Naval Command College class of 2019. He began his career in the Chilean Naval Academy in 1991, and he has served in a variety of posts, including two command tours, on Chilean navy ships. Cmdr. Howard is finishing his Master’s degree in international relations at the University of Salve Regina.

Areas of Expertise

  • Latin America
  • Surface Warfare

Professional Highlights


Commanding Officer Navy Fast Patrol Boat


Commanding Officer Coast Guard Patrol Boat


M.A., Chilean Naval War College

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