Halsey Alfa ARP

The Halsey Alfa Group is a collaborative student-faculty research effort at the Naval War College that employs military operations research and free-play wargaming to examine in detail high intensity conventional warfare. Specific scenarios center on a technologically sophisticated access denial challenge posed by a military competitor in the maritime domain in the near future. Analysis focuses on the tactical/operational level of war.

About The Halsey Alfa Program

The Halsey Alfa student program includes a year-long series of directed electives, and one full-time trimester, focused on data collection, research, analysis, and war gaming of an assigned scenario based problem. The courses include a thorough grounding in relevant sensors, weapons, command and control systems, training regimes, and operational practices of the forces involved, as well as the use of quantitative techniques for operations research, where quantification is appropriate.

Halsey Alfa maintains direct liaison with the full range of relevant intelligence and operational commands to ensure project currency, and to provide feed-back to these commands. The Halsey Group Alfa project outputs provide a firm basis for operational planning and joint force organization at the theater level. Project results are provided to theater operational forces and senior levels of the Navy.