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Image-from-Brochure.jpgThe China Maritime Studies Institute has conducted annual conferences since 2005.  Conferences have addressed a range of issues in Chinese maritime development, encompassing both competitive and also cooperative themes.  This series of conferences has directly resulted in the publication of four scholarly books, dozens of published academic articles and multiple briefings for key U.S. decision-makers and relevant staffs.
Previous conference topics include:
   2005 – China's Future Nuclear Submarine Force
   2006 – Maritime Implications of China's Energy Strategy
   2007 – Defining a Maritime Partnership with China
   2008 – Maritime Implications of Chinese Aerospace Development
   2009 – Military Activites in the EEZ
   2010 – Chinese and American Approaches To Non-Traditional Security Challenges: Implications For The Maritime Domain
   2011 – China's Strategy for the Near Seas
   2012 – China's Far Seas Operations