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The Naval Leadership and Ethics Center’s (NLEC) curriculum focuses on ethics, self-awareness, communications, teamwork, and decision-making.

Preparing you for command excellence

NLEC’s short-term courses prepare the command triad of commanding officers, executive officers, command chiefs and their spouses for success. During these training sessions, you’ll participate in practical, character-building applications revolving around daily themes, including individual leadership and command team unity. In addition to group work, you’ll also receive one-on-one coaching.

Overview of Courses

NLEC courses bring together small groups of diverse, highly experienced students, and we encourage class participation. Your active contribution and sharing of knowledge will be beneficial to all.

Major Command Course

This one-week course is designed for prospective major commanding officers (O-6) who have 20 to 25 years of commissioned service and have already attended the prospective commanding officer course. During this program, officers will develop teamwork and communication skills that lead a positive culture and effective command.

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Prospective Commanding Officer (PCO) Course

This week-long course, designed for prospective commanding officers with 15 to 21 years of service, prepares participants for overall triad effectiveness. During the program, PCOs will create a command philosophy to increase alignment and communicate expectations.

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Command Spouse Leadership Course

This in-depth, one-week program is for spouses of commanding officers en route to their first command. Focused on integrating communication between family and command, this course enriches a spouse’s knowledge about the choices and contributions they’ll make related to their important support role. The program also covers conflict resolution and stress management.

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Prospective Executive Officer (PXO) Course

The 10-day PXO course is offered to all O-4/O-5/O-6 officers ordered to an “executive” officer or equivalent billet.

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Command Master Chief and Chief of the Boat Course (CMC/COB)

The CMC/COB course is a two-week capstone program designed to further develop skills needed to serve as a vital members of their command’s leadership triad. In addition to completing readings before arriving on campus, students will participate in a mix of seminars and group case studies.

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Command Master Chief and Chief of the Boat Spouse Course (CMCSLC)

This one-week, intensive program provides commanders’ spouses with leadership, management and conflict resolution skills that can enhance positive contributions to the family, command, and community. During this course, spouses develop a personal vision statement.

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Intermediate Leadership Course

Our Intermediate Leadership Course is designed to prepare officers for their role as a front-line leader at the department head level.

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Lodging Information

Visit the Department of Defense Lodging website to book your accommodations. You’ll select “on orders” under the “purpose of visit” drop-down menu. You’ll also need your arrival and departure dates, paygrade information, and, if applicable, guest details.

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New Students

The Naval Leadership and Ethics Center (NLEC) has created an orientation guide, including lodging and uniform details, to help prepare you for your time in Newport.

Orientation Information

Directions & Visiting Information

We want your visit to go smoothly but please remember the campus is part of a secure Naval facility. Only students, staff, faculty and other approved visitors are permitted to enter the base and then drive onto campus.

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