Command Spouse Leadership Course

The Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC) mission is to promote a team building approach to the command tour recognizing that engaged, inspired and educated spouses of Commanding Officers directly and positively impact the morale and success of the command as well as create an environment where sailors and families can thrive.
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General Information


Spouses of officers attending the Command Leadership Course are invited to attend the CSLC, a complementary course designed to run in conjunction with the Command Leadership Course--all related travel, lodging and meal costs are funded by the Navy for those in attendance.

Location & Duration

The Command Spouse Leadership Course is one week in duration and conducted at the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center in Newport, RI. It is offered approximately 12 times annually. Please see class schedule below for more information.

Learning Format

The course is conducted in a classroom format. Please see reading assignments below, during the week you will be asked to prepare a Personal Vision Statement and share it with a class instructor or Mentor.


Attendance is voluntary but highly encouraged.

Program Structure

Support Elements

Steering Committee

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The CSLC Steering Committee serves as the liaison between Naval Services FamilyLine and the Commanding Officer, Naval Leadership and Ethics Center. The Steering Committee consists of 14 Navy spouses from around the world with representation from a broad range of communities. Each of the members has experienced the challenges and rewards associated with their spouse's command tour. By representing the interests of command spouses in each of the fleet concentration areas throughout the world, their experiences continue to shape the content and relevance of this dynamic course. The members of the Committee meet annually to share ideas, receive updated information about the course, develop recommendations and address concerns about the course.


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Mentors are volunteer spouses with leadership experience who are selected by the CSLC Steering Committee to support participants in the CO Spouse Course. All mentors are the spouses of Commanding Officers who have completed their O-5 command tours; each of whom makes a commitment to work closely with CO spouses to provide them with guidance based on their own rewards and challenges. Mentors:
- Receive invitational travel orders to attend a specific course,
- Attend the course with students, sharing information and experiences,
- Support the teaching team, help establish and build a rapport with students and are considered the "resident experts" in the classroom,
- Maintain contact with the students upon graduation of the course to support them during their command tour experience,
- Maintain contact with the CSLC Steering Committee representative in their respective area.

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Our world-class faculty members are frequent media contributors to both historical and current issues in world affairs, policy, and national security.

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Reading Assignment

During the week, you will be asked to prepare a Personal Vision Statement and share it with a class instructor or Mentor. You will be asked to keep in mind your personal values when completing the assignment. "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," by Stephen R. Covey is a text used in the Command Spouse Leadership Course that can be referenced for assistance with your Personal Vision statement. Habits Two and Seven are most helpful with this assignment. It is highly recommended that you read the sections discussing Habits One, Two, Three, Five, and Seven, of the book prior to attending.