Glenn C. Powers

Professor College of Distance Education
Capt., U.S. Navy, Retired
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Career pilot in the HS, VX and VP communities (all ASW), retiring as a CAPT. Six flying tours, twice resident NWC student. National Security Affairs faculty since 1993; CDE Division Head from July 99 through April 11. Team leader in developing NWC’s first ever web course, which subsequently won the prestigious “Crystal Award.” Edited: Resource Allocation: The Formal Process (several editions) and Case Studies in Policy Making and Implementation, 7th ed.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Leadership
  • National Security

Professional Highlights


Professor, National Security Affairs

Teach Security Strategies, sequentially managed divisional aspects of the CD-Rom / DVD programs, and then the Fleet Seminar Program.

Department Head, National Security Affairs, CDE

Led continual modernization of all programs including seminar, Monterey, web and digital video disc.

Naval War College Faculty

NSA faculty. CAPT; Course Admin; Acting Course Director; Senior Watch Officer; Command Managed Equal Opportunity Officer; Executive Steering Committee Chair

Naval War College

CNW Student

Naval War College student

CNC&S Distinguished graduate

Various active duty Navy assignments

Career ASW pilot


M.S., Naval War College, National Security & Strategic Studies

M.A., Salve Regina University, International Relations

B.S., U.S. Naval Academy, Operations Analysis

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Awards and Decorations

Legion of Merit

Meritorious Service Medal

Civilian Meritorious Service Medal

Navy Commendation Medal

Other lesser personal, campaign and service medals

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