Yuki Bito

Military Professor International Programs
Capt., Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
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Capt. Yuki Bito is a Japan Maritime Self-Defense (JMSDF) officer. She was commissioned and served on JS Kashima (TV 3508) during a training cruise in 1997. As a JMSDF officer, her duty assignments include Air Station Atsugi and Air Traffic Control Service Group in Atsugi Air Base. She also served as an aide to Administrative Vice-Minister of Ministry of Defense, a foreign liaison officer at Maritime Staff Office, a staff member of Defense Intelligence Headquarters, and a faculty member of the Maritime Command and Staff College in Tokyo.

Areas of Expertise

  • Asia-Pacific
  • China
  • International Relations
  • Japan

Professional Highlights


JMSDF Liaison Officer/Military Professor, International Programs, U.S. Naval War College


Faculty, Maritime Command and Staff College(MCSC)


Staff, Defense Intelligence Headquarters(DIH)


Staff, Foreign Liaison Section, Maritime Staff Office(MSO)


Air Traffic Control Officer, Atsugi Air Base


Staff, Air Traffic Control Service Group


Aide, Administrative Vice-Minister of Ministry of Defense(MOD)


Air Traffic Control Officer, Atsugi Air Base


Staff, Air Traffic Control Service Group


Doctoral Student/Candidate, Takushoku University, 2020, International Security Studies

M.A., National Defense Academy, 2008, Global Security Studies

B.A., Sophia University, 1996, Engineering in Chemistry

Research Contributions and Publications

"Cause of China's Use of Force: Deterrence and Military Strategy "Active Defense"", The Bulletin of the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, No. 13, March 2020, (Japanese).

"China's Military and Maritime Expansion in the East China Sea: Imbalanced Growth of Power," Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Command and Staff College Review, Vol.8, No.1, July 2018. (Japanese)

"The Criteria of China's Use of Force in Territorial Disputes," Defense Studies, No.40, March 2009. (Japanese)

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