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Lectures of Opportunity: "All Hell Breaking Loose"

Conolly Hall at the U.S. Naval War College

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Mar. 11, 2020
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Conolly Hall, U.S. Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841

U.S. Naval War College, LOO Coordinator

This event is only open to individuals with base access.

All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change

Dr. Klare will give a book talk on his new book detailing the Pentagon’s actions regarding climate change. Summary of book description:

The Pentagon, unsentimental and politically conservative, might not seem likely to be worried about climate change―still linked, for many people, with polar bears and coral reefs. Yet of all the major institutions in American society, none take climate change as seriously as the U.S. military. Both as participants in climate-triggered conflicts abroad, and as first responders to hurricanes and other disasters on American soil, the armed services are already confronting the impacts of global warming. The military now regards climate change as one of the top threats to American national security―and is busy developing strategies to cope with it. Renowned security expert Michael Klare shows that the U.S. military sees the climate threat as imperiling the country on several fronts at once. Droughts and food shortages are stoking conflicts in ethnically divided nations, with “climate refugees” producing worldwide havoc. Pandemics and other humanitarian disasters will increasingly require extensive military involvement. The melting Arctic is creating new seaways to defend. And rising seas threaten American cities and military bases themselves. Talk is hosted by the Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups and Climate and Human Security Studies Group.

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Lectures of Opportunity offer U.S. Naval War College (NWC) students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to learn more about national and international socio-political subjects that may be of relevance to the NWC community.

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