Naval War College Begins New NSA Short Course Program for New Officer Accessions

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The Naval War College National Security Affairs Department, in coordination with Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfighting Development (OPNAV N7), began a new program for newly commissioned Navy and Marine Corps officers from the U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, the first class graduating on June 25. The four-week program was designed to be flexible and fill gaps in the new accessions’ training pipelines. While waiting for their primary training to begin, the officers were given the opportunity to earn college credit while also helping both the themselves and the services.

The Naval War College’s National Security Affairs Department designed and taught the program’s three courses.

“Providing this program to new officer accessions is a great win-win for both the students and the Navy and Marine Corps,” said Derek Reveron, professor and chair, National Security Affairs Department. “The program helps students with becoming familiar and receiving the most current information about national security affairs while also providing services with officers that are well-versed the in machinations of national defense.”

The program was designed around three Nation Security Affairs’ courses: “U.S. Strategy and Security in Europe,” “U.S. Strategy and Security in Indo-Pacific” and “America's China Game Since 1949: The Past and Future of U.S.-China Relations.”

“These three courses provide a great foundation in national defense strategy and policy for the students,” said Cmdr. Andrea Cameron, professor, National Security Affairs Department and course coordinator. “For the first cohort, 41 students from across the United States participated. We've already received many positive comments about the program. We'll continue to evaluate the program following each cohort and their feedback.”

Students earned two credit hours for taking the three course program. The next cohort of officers is scheduled to take place this month. 46 students are expected to participate. The courses are all taught in the virtual environment.

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July 07, 2020

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