Naval War College students participate in JLASS wargame

Photo of a wargame be played at U.S. Naval War College.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A dozen students from U.S. Naval War College (NWC) participated in a Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS-SP) wargame, April 7- 13, at Maxwell Air Force Base.

“The Joint Land, Air, and Sea Strategic Special Program is a collaborative event involving all of the senior level war colleges replicating combatant command and National Security Council staffs during the course of the year,” said Mark Seaman, associate professor of NWC’s Joint Military Operations department. “It concludes with an interactive wargame at Maxwell where our students role play the U.S. Pacific Command staff and subordinate commands. Their learning objective is to further develop as theater strategic planners.”

Leveraging a “World on the Brink” scenario, set a decade in the future, the students worked to prioritize finite assets, coordinate responses with other geographic combatant commanders, as well as work through the interagency process. They then developed and articulated their plans and concerns to the National Security Council, who were role played by students from the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy of Washington. D.C.   

“This annual wargame has our senior students wrestle with how and when to employ scarce military resources—U.S. and coalitions alike—in diffusing situations before they become full-blown armed conflict so that diplomatic solutions can take traction,” said Seaman.   

This year’s NWC JLASS team consisted of: Lt. Col. Anthony Bradley, Col. Jason Caldwell, Mary Daschbach, Col. Bradley Downs, Col. Craig Everson, Lt. Col. Brian Greene, Jeffrey Loree, Jay Lutz, Col. Stephen Murphy, Lt. Col. Brian Olson, Lt. Col. Duane Rivera and Lt. Col. John Salo.

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April 16, 2018

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