U.S. Naval War College Library Celebrates 60 Years as Federal Depository

The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) Henry E. Eccles Library celebrated its 60th anniversary as a depository for U.S. government documents, May 20.

NEWPORT, RI – The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) Henry E. Eccles Library celebrated its 60th anniversary as a depository for U.S. government documents, May 20.

Established by Congress, the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) ensures that the American public has access to pertinent government information (GovDocs). NWC’s status as a member since May 20, 1963, has afforded the NWC campus community, the broader defense community, and the public free access to important federal information in order to bolster their academic, professional, and personal research agendas.

“Our participation in the FDLP is one of the many things that makes the Henry E. Eccles Library a premier professional military education library,” said Lori Brostuen, Eccles Library interim director. “The resources we are able to provide to faculty, students and researchers – classified and unclassified – allow us to facilitate both education and informed analysis which impacts real world strategic decisions.”

As a selective depository, the NWC Henry E. Eccles Library curates primary documents relevant to federal and defense history and information that supports the mission of NWC to educate tomorrow’s leaders and inform today’s decision-makers. A collection of documents supporting NWC’s curriculum is therefore available in print and electronic format at the library for individuals with local access or via inter-library loan with other Department of Defense libraries and archives.

Outside scholars and researchers from civilian academic institutions or other organizations can also access these documents by requesting visitor access. The federal government’s core document collection, including bills, legislation and congressional research service (CRS) reports, is also accessible electronically via NWC’s web page or GovInfo.gov.

“I think it’s incredibly important to note that we are able to not only support our own NWC staff, students and faculty with curriculum and research materials, but also the public and those from other academic institutions, service branches, government agencies and even countries,” said Brostuen.

The NWC Eccles Library is one of 1,250-plus FDLP libraries located throughout the U.S. and its territories facilitating examination of government documents in hard copy or electronic formats nationwide. It is central to the college's educational and research programs, with origins tracing back to a requisition for library books in August 1885. The library was named in honor of the late Rear Admiral Henry Effingham Eccles, a noted logistician, strategist, and author whose association with NWC spanned 38 years.

NWC delivers excellence in education, research, and outreach, informing today’s decision-makers and educating tomorrow’s leaders. The college provides educational experiences and learning opportunities that develop students’ ability to anticipate and prepare strategically for the future, strengthen the foundations of peace, and create a decisive warfighting advantage.

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