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MOC Warfighter is an interactive, online magazine targeted towards naval officers and senior naval enlisted serving on Maritime Operations Centers (MOC) and Combined Task Force (CTF) staffs, as well as those commands, agencies, coalition partners, and others that routinely interact with them, in order to assist in the development of Fleet MOCs that can efficiently and effectively command, plan, prepare, execute, and assess at the maritime operational level of war (OLW).

Establishing a Legacy

Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce established the Naval War College in 1884 based on the premise that a naval officer ought to carry out his work as a highly educated, trained specialist who operates within a clearly defined area, with established procedures and ethical standards. Moreover, Luce stressed that naval officers must use a highly developed body of theoretical knowledge related to their field and should possess a strong feeling of group identity and shared knowledge with others who perform similar work. According to Luce, the highest aspect of the military profession is the study of the art of warfare. Luce created the vision of an academic and educational establishment that is the home of theory, and the center of scholarship, original research, and in-depth thinking for the naval profession of the United States. In short, Admiral Luce laid the foundation for the NWC to become the Navy’s “home of thought.” Arguably, over the past decade, the NWC has become the Navy’s “home of thought” concerning the maritime operational level of war (OLW).

Building the Legacy

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Recapturing the Legacy

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Continuing the Legacy

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  • Fulfill the CNO's mandate that “officers must possess preeminent expertise and proficiency in planning, organizing, and commanding at the operational level.”
  • Provide a venue for airing the most recent issues, concerns, and best practices related to commanding, planning, preparing, executing, and assessing at the MOC/CTF level of warfare.
  • Provide a forum for MOC Directors, Deputy Directors and other key MOC principals to share ideas and lessons on MOC Practices and Operations.

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U.S. Naval War College is committed to educating and developing leaders, supporting combat readiness, and strengthening global relationships.

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