Space Studies Group

Study groups at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) help to promote and exchange major research and educational relationships with counterpart institutions around the world. The Space Studies Group (SSG) consists of faculty, staff, and students with expertise or the desire to know more about outer space security and policy.

Director, Dr. Burbach

About this Study Group

The Space Studies Group strives to promote teaching, research, and gaming related to security and policy issues related to the space domain. As space becomes increasingly recognized as vital to military capabilities and national economy, the aim of the SSG is to help NWC expand our understanding of this frontier through information sharing, collaboration, and engagement beyond the college.

In cooperation with other regional study groups, the SSG facilitates opportunities that may include guest speakers, conferences, workshops, field trips, informal gaming and other local networking opportunities. The SSG provides a forum for NWC affiliates to share their space research, draw attention to space-related opportunities, expand their knowledge about space security issues, engage in professional discussions, or share relevant information of interest from academia, government, and the commercial sector.

The SSG also serves as a point of connection with external audiences, such as Navy and Department of Defense offices seeking subject matter expertise, media inquiries, and partnerships with other Professional Matter Experts or civilian educational institutions.

Signing Up

Only NWC community members can elect to join several groups with the approval of the individual program director. Please note, this group is not open to the general public.