Stockdale Leader Development Concentration

The Stockdale Leader Development Concentration (SLDC) is an Advanced Research Program of study that focuses on preparation for the challenges of Flag-level leadership. Students will engage in self-assessment studies and developmental coaching to prepare themselves for their next assignments. This immersive development concentration results in leaders better prepared to lead in the complex global security environment.

Director, Stockdale Leader Development Concentration

About this Program

Students engage in activities related to self-awareness, character development, cultural adeptness, and critical and innovative thinking on leadership issues for the Navy. They will utilize a self-assessment using the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, Immunity to Change Mapping, the Subject-Object Interview, and developmental coaching.

Program Curriculum

This 10-month specialized program of study is completed in conjunction with either the U.S. Naval War College, College of Naval Warfare senior level course or the Naval Command College senior level course core curriculum. It is open to U.S. resident and international senior level students. Conducted during the elective time slot in all trimesters, the program culminates in a well-researched, faculty-mentored professional paper.

Signing Up

Students who apply are selected by the College of Leadership and Ethics based on proven performance, desire, and the potential for promotion to senior leadership roles.

For more information on SLDC, contact or (401) 841-1487. Students may sign up for this group during the ARP fair at the beginning of their first trimester.