Stockdale Leader Development Concentration

Named for Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale, the Stockdale Leader Development Concentration (SLDC) prepares students for the challenges of senior leadership. During this year-long, immersive experience students will engage in subjects ranging from moral foundations to mental complexity. They will conduct research into contemporary challenges faced by the Navy and joint force. They will return to the Joint force ready to lead change amidst complexity by applying innovative advanced leadership and organizational concepts and practices.

Director, Stockdale Leader Development Concentration

About this Program

Students engage in the study of ethics, self-awareness, critical thinking, and mental complexity to develop innovative leadership for the Navy and joint force. During the 10-month course, SLDC uses self-assessment and executive coaching to enhance cognitive readiness and prompt vertical development. The faculty measures student progress through cognitive developmental assessment.

Program Curriculum

This program is completed in conjunction with the U.S. Naval War College core curriculum. It is open to U.S. resident and international students. SLDC participants fill priority spots in high-demand leadership and ethics elective courses. They also meet as a cohort in weekly seminars to study advanced leadership concepts with College of Leadership and Ethics faculty. The program culminates in a faculty-mentored professional research paper.

Signing Up

Students who apply are selected by the College of Leadership and Ethics based on proven performance, desire, and the potential for promotion to senior leadership roles. A writing sample and participation in a faculty-led interview is required.

For more information on SLDC, contact or (401) 856-5643. Students may sign up for this program during the ARP fair at the beginning of the fall trimester.