U.S. Naval War College campus

Resident International Students

During our 11-month international in-resident program, students from Naval Command College (NCC) and Naval Staff College (NSC) are introduced to a robust program of academic core courses and electives, as well as interactive social events in which they meet community, political, and business leaders and discuss a wide range of issues and topics.

Programs for International Students

Students coming to NWC for the in-resident program will be joining others in either the Naval Command College or Naval Staff College.

Incoming student information during COVID-19:

Naval Command College

NCC is open to U.S. and international military officers from participating NATO countries in the O5 and O6 pay grades. This senior-level program has graduated more than 2,100 officers from 91 nations, with more than half reaching flag rank.

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Naval Staff College

NSC is open to U.S. and international military officers from participating NATO countries in the O3, O4, and O5 pay grades. This intermediate-level program brings together a group of distinguished professionals from diverse cultures who share maritime traditions, experiences, and challenges.

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Field Studies Program

Students in both NCC and NSC will get the opportunity to participate in the vibrant Field Studies Program, consisting of a series of multi-day and single-day field trips. These trips are designed to provide students with a balanced understanding of U.S. society, institutions, and culture through exposure to various topics.

International Program Alumni

After graduation, NWC International Programs continues to strengthen and support the friendship and development of robust global maritime partnerships through our alumni community.

Alumni Symposia

NWC periodically sponsors alumni regional symposia, these symposiums give Navy commanders a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with distinguished military leaders from across our alumni community.

Alumni Newsletters and Professional Writing

International Programs publishes alumni newsletters and professional writing to further develop the professional relationships formed in Newport and enhance the trust and confidence that was developed, promoting, and continuing our global cooperation.

Life at Newport, Rhode Island

While you’re attending the U.S. Naval War College (NWC), you’ll have time to take a break from coursework to explore Newport and the New England region, from seaports and mansions to festivals and downtown entertainment. Newport, Rhode Island, offers so much to see and do, from historic and cultural attractions to recreational activities, nature, and nightlife.

Events & Gatherings

Many events are organized to familiarize the students and their families with aspects of customs and culture in the United States. In addition, international students are encouraged to sponsor cultural events that showcase their nations’ culture, traditions, food, and dress.

More Information on the College

News, Media, & Events

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