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Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Program

The Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Program (HRP) helps to improve the U.S. Navy’s and international militaries’ effectiveness in conducting humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations through innovative education, research, and simulation activities. HRP partners and networks with leading universities, humanitarian organizations, and agencies in order to advance civilian-military coordination during humanitarian response in complex emergencies and natural disasters.

Our Objectives

We create educational opportunities for leaders and practitioners across the humanitarian response sector, while improving the U.S. and international militaries understanding of best practices and lessons learned during complex emergencies and natural disasters. In addition, we advance the understanding of rapidly evolving frameworks and information communication technologies used in humanitarian response.

About Us

We partner with leading universities and humanitarian organizations to advance civilian-military engagement and coordination during complex emergencies and natural disasters. HRP works with a diverse community of affiliated experts committed to improving humanitarian response. A key component of our activity portfolio is to convene our affiliated experts in workshops and conferences to further our reach during humanitarian crises and effectively support humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HA/DR) operations.


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Affiliated Experts

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Humanitarian Response Program Faculty

Our experienced and renowned faculty have years of earned expertise across a wide range of naval and humanitarian educational topics.

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Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Research Portal

The HA/DR Research Portal provides easy access to resources for scholars and practitioners working on issues related to civil-military coordination in humanitarian emergencies.

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HA/DR Publications

Your resource for journals, reports, and books related to humanitarian assistance and disaster response. Including resources for civil-military coordination in humanitarian emergencies

Available Training Guides

Doctrine, guidelines, and good practices are available to help inform and guide effective humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations during complex emergencies and natural disasters.

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If you have relevant research or publications that you would like to share with the HRP community, please contact our core faculty.

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