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About Naval Leadership and Ethics Center

Each year, the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center (NLEC) prepares more than 400 prospective commanding officers and their support teams for leadership success.

Preparing for the demands of command

It’s important for future command-level Navy leaders and department heads to be proficient in their areas of expertise, and it’s also imperative that they demonstrate personal integrity and ethical leadership. Our goal is for NLEC participants to leave Newport ready to instill teamwork to effectively communicate with sailors under their command.

NLEC’s programming focuses on developing an effective, integrated command triad, as well as in preparing commanding officers’ and command chief spouses for their support role. The center also provides short-term leadership training for other Navy department heads.

Our interactive curriculum includes thought-provoking case studies, one-on-one coaching, and other training exercises.

Curriculum Development

Beyond our commitment to command leader education, NLEC further supports the Naval War College’s academic mission through curriculum development and review. Our faculty and staff members design courses and create educational materials that emphasize ethical decision making at all levels of Navy leadership. They also pursue cutting-edge research in areas of command climate, self-awareness, and organizational culture.

Additional Offerings at NLEC

Information on Courses

The Naval Leadership and Ethics Center’s (NLEC) curriculum focuses on ethics, self-awareness, communications, teamwork, and decision-making.

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New Students

The Naval Leadership and Ethics Center (NLEC) has created an orientation guide, including lodging and uniform details, to help prepare you for your time in Newport.

Orientation Information

Non-Resident Leadership Courses

Our non-resident leadership courses are designed for delivery at the local command level and provide tools and resources to ensure leadership and management success.

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