Senior Enlisted Academy building
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Senior Enlisted Academy

The Navy values educated leaders. The Senior Enlisted Academy, better known as SEA, prepares active and reserve personnel from the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and National Guard, and international service partners for increased leadership and career advancement

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Senior Enlisted Academy Program


During the 11-week program, offered on-site and online, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of communication, strategy, joint force operations, risk mitigation, ethics, decision-making, and mission accomplishment.

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Distance Learning Component

The first seven weeks of SEA is offered via interactive web-based courses. This arrangement allows you to fulfill most of the course requirements with minimal travel, while still interacting with instructors and classmates.

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Physical Conditioning

While in Newport, you’ll stay in shape mentally and physically. SEA’s fitness program, designed to improve your physical readiness, begins at a lower intensity and progresses toward a rigorous regimen.

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Senior Enlisted Academy

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