By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Alice C. Hall
April 15, 2013
NEWPORT, R.I. -- The U.S. Naval War College’s College of Operational and Strategic Leadership (COSL) launched an online magazine April 15.
Sponsored by the Operational Level Programs department, “MOC Warfighter” is produced for staffs at Maritime Operations Center (MOC) and subordinate task forces, DOD agencies, coalition partners, and others that routinely interact with each other at the operational level of war.  The aim is to assist in the development of Fleet MOCs to efficiently and effectively command, plan, prepare, execute, and assess at the maritime operational level of war.
“The purpose of MOC Warfighter is multifold; one to fulfill the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) mandates that officers must possess preeminent expertise and proficiency in planning, organization and commanding at the operational level of war,” said retired Navy Rear Adm. James Kelly, dean of COSL, in a video message.  
“Second, MOC Warfighter will provide a forum for airing the most recent issues, concerns, and best practices related to the maritime operational level of war; and the third, MOC Warfighter will help contribute to the understanding that fleet and task force staffs are in fact critical warfighting enablers that require a cadre of highly trained warfighters that are skilled in this art of warfare,” said Kelly.
The first issue includes articles discussing the operations process and the commander’s decision cycle, operational design, the evolution of the MOC concept, foreign humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operations, Navy doctrine, and reservist and senior enlisted roles in a MOC.  Readers may contribute comments through an online blog that will help share knowledge among maritime professionals.
“As always we are going to be looking for fleet input to make this the most effective and value added online magazine that we possibly can,” explained Kelly. “I hope you enjoy MOC Warfighter, as this is COSL and the Naval War College’s latest effort to help the fleet improve its ability to plan and execute at the operational level of war.”
The editorial board, comprised of Naval War College faculty members, welcomes submissions for future issues.
COSL was established in 2007 to focus the Naval War College's efforts as an advocate for developing the Navy's operational level of war expertise, promoting the ethos of the naval officer, and understanding the requirements to develop leaders for the future.
For further information visit MOC Warfighter online at


Rear Adm. James Kelly, USN (Retired), discusses the launch of MOC Warfighter.

Edited by Cmdr. Carla McCarthy
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