By Alyssa Menard, U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs
Dec. 28, 2012

NEWPORT, R.I. -- U.S. Naval War College (NWC) associate professor Christopher Jasparro has co-authored the recently published work "International Conflict over Water Resources in Himalayan Asia." His co-authors were Robert Wirsing and Daniel Stoll.

The book covers a variety of fresh water issues becoming prevalent in Himalayan Asia today. As the region grows due to modernization and has gradually become more successful, the depletion of their fresh water sources has caused disputes over ownership of river waters.

The authors explored the transboundary rivers and basin systems and how the arguments will affect the current and future relations in such a significant region.

“It is the result of a multi-year research project that involved fieldwork in at least seven countries including dozens of interviews with government officials, scholars and scientists, military officers, NGO/IGO reps and civil society,” said Jasparro, who teaches in NWC’s National Security Affairs Department.

This book is part of a series analyzing the Asia-Pacific.  These works examine and study what is becoming the most important region for policymakers and scholars in the twenty-first century. Other titles from the series span the topics of politics, economics, region security as well as individual countries, their leaders and the issues they face.

Professor Jasparro is a geographer specializing in environmental and non-state security threats. Some of his other recent publications have appeared in Geopolitics, Water Policy and Jane’s Intelligence Review.

Posted by Cmdr. Carla M. McCarthy

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