Don Thieme, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Maritime Advanced Warfighting School
Don Thieme faculty photo


Professor Thieme is an Olmsted Scholar and MIT Seminar XXI Fellow who has served in a variety of infantry, reconnaissance and planner assignments. He served as the Naval attaché (Warsaw) and Marine attaché (London) prior to joining the Naval War College faculty. After retiring from the Marine Corps, he worked as a contractor for the War Gaming Department.

Areas of Expertise

  • Deterrence
  • Diplomacy
  • Ethics
  • Foreign Policy
  • Military Planning
  • Policy

Professional Highlights


CDE-JMO Adjunct Professor

Teach College of Distance Education JMO Curriculum

Naval War Gaming virtual Community of Practice

Subject Matter Expert of War Gaming Department and the Naval War Gaming virtual Community of Practice (vCoP)

U.S. Naval War College Writing Center

Professor of Writing and Interim Director


Ph.D., Salve Regina University

M.S.S., Army War College

School of Advanced Warfighting

M.A., Uniwersytet Jagiellonski

B.S., Auburn University

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