Francis Anthony Fox, J.D.

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Associate Professor College of Maritime Operational Warfare
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Attorney, naval intelligence officer. Interests include intelligence, special operations, international humanitarian law, foreign policy.

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil-Military Relations
  • GWOT
  • HA/DR
  • Intel
  • International Law
  • Joint Operations
  • Littoral Warfare
  • Maritime Strategy
  • Military Planning
  • Operational Warfare
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Special Operations

Professional Highlights


Associate Professor

Deputy Director, Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Program (HRP), College of Maritime Operational Warfare (CMOW, formerly COSL)

Assistant Professor

Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Program (HRP), College of Operational & Strategic Leadership (COSL)

Control Cell, Maritime Staff Operators Course (MSOC), College of Operational & Strategic Leadership (COSL)

Lectured on international law and rules of engagement, operational intelligence, joint intelligence preparation of the operational environment (JIPOE). Assisted students with legal and intelligence issues during planning and execution phases of the course. Participated in scenario development.

Intelligence Analyst, Naval Warfare Development Command

Contributed to doctrine & concept of operations (CONOPS) development, experimentation, and war gaming in Information Operations Department. Red Cell lead, scenario development team leader for multiple major exercises.

Intelligence Analyst, Office of Naval Intelligence

Watch stander, maritime target development, al Qaeda analyst, briefer to Director of Naval Intelligence, foreign naval special warfare capabilities analyst.

Intelligence Officer, US Naval Reserve

Mission planning and support for SEAL and special operations forces at SEAL Team and regional Special Operations Command levels, to include Deputy JSOTF Commander.
Leader, Reserve support to CNO SSG.
Foreign naval special warfare capabilities analyst, littoral threat analyst.

Attorney / civil litigator

Trial counsel, Superior Court Arbitrator (RI), Chief Counsel, House Minority Leader, RI General Assembly.


J.D., Washington & Lee University School of Law

Diploma, US Naval War College, Fleet Seminar

B.A., Bates College, History

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