Paul S. Schmitt

Associate Professor Strategic and Operational Research Department
Capt., U.S. Navy, Retired
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Professor Schmitt is an associate research professor in the Strategic and Operational Research Department of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies. He currently teaches joint military operations research and analysis of high-technology conventional warfare in the near future, using wargaming as a tool for experiential learning. His current research focuses on the character of operational-tactical warfighting in the near future to 2030, conducting net assessments of future capabilities and concepts to identify best practices, enduring imbalances and trends.

Areas of Expertise

  • A2/AD
  • China
  • Command and Control
  • Cyber Warfare
  • Joint Operations
  • Military Technology
  • Operational Warfare
  • Special Operations
  • Submarine Warfare
  • Wargaming

Professional Highlights


Assoc. Research Professor, Halsey Alfa Advanced Research Project (ARP)

Professor Schmitt teaches joint military operations within Halsey Alfa, a student Advanced Research Project group. His work centers on military operations research, analysis, and wargaming of military issues in the Asia-Pacific, with net assessments of warfighting balances and future capabilities.

Deputy Director - Plans, Policy, Resources, & Strategy - NAVEUR/NAVAF/U.S. Sixth Fleet

Culminating tour of 30 years Active/Reserve U.S. Navy service. His military career included three command tours, joint duty, NATO, and major Navy Staff tours. His early career included operations and deployments on four submarines from both Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Experimentation Manager, Navy Warfare Development Command

Began 16 years managing a portfolio of innovation projects under the Fleet Experimentation and Sea Trial programs. Led planning and execution across the full spectrum of concept-based venues, from advanced warfighting Fleet Battle Experiments to wargames and concept development workshops.


M.A., U.S. Naval War College, National Security & Strategic Studies

B.A., Cornell University, Biology (Oceanography/Marine Ecology)

C.V. or Resume

Related Credentials

(DAWIA) System Planning, Research and Development Engineering Management

(DAWIA) Program Management

(BUPERS) Naval Operations Analyst

Research Contributions and Publications

(Secretary of the Navy) Strategic Readiness Review

(Dept. of the Navy, OPNAV N81-led) Future Fleet Architecture Study for NDAA

Awards and Decorations

Legion of Merit

Meritorious Service Medal

Joint Commendation Medal

External Memberships and Associations

U.S. Naval Institute

Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association

National Defense Industrial Association

Naval War College Foundation

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