Three U.S. Naval War College Graphic Designers Receive Promotions to Acknowledge Major Changes in Their Work

Graphics group photo

(March 28, 2019)

U.S. Naval War College (NWC) Graphics Department gather to celebrate the promotions of Justin Ferreria, Natalia Grant, and Jason Peters. Pictured left to right: Renee Keen, Justin Ferreria, NWC President Jeffrey A. Harley, Natalia Grant, Jason Peters, Graphics Department Director Doug Rosander, and NWC Deputy Provost/Director of Mission Support Rick Menard. Photo by LT Mario Granata

Three U.S. Naval War College civilian employees were promoted to a higher grade during a ceremony March 28 at U.S. Naval War College.

Graphics department employees Justin Ferreira, Natasha Grant and Jason Peters were promoted to the GS-11 position, an increase of two grade levels from their prior status.

“Please join me in congratulating them on this significant career milestone,” Rear Adm. Jeffrey Harley, Naval War College president, said in an email to the faculty and staff.

The promotions were possible because of an expansion of the employees’ position descriptions, a somewhat uncommon occurrence, said Rick Menard, Naval War College deputy provost.

“The position descriptions that our graphic designers were working under were quite old,” Menard said. “The new, updated ones took into account the sophisticated design software now in use and, perhaps more importantly, the Navy-wide and international programs our designers now work on.”

For example, the college’s graphics department produces visual materials for the Chief of Naval Operation’s Professional Reading Program, the college’s flag-officer leadership development courses and many international events, such as regional alumni conferences and training programs in Norway, Bahrain and elsewhere around the world.

“I’m very appreciative of our command for recognizing the work we do for the college and beyond,” said Peters, who started in the graphics department nearly 20 years ago as a technical illustrator, progressing over time to his current job as a visual information specialist.

“Under our leadership, we’ve streamlined and continue to put out the best products possible,” he said. “We feel that we save the college money by being able to both design and produce these products in-house, while they would cost a fortune on the outside.”

Doug Rosander, graphics department director, said he is pleased with the outcome for his team.

"I'm very proud of our designers and the amazing and far-reaching work they do to support the college and its broader mission," Rosander said.

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