The Newport Papers

Newport Papers are extended research projects that the Director, the Dean of Naval Warfare Studies, and the President of the Naval War College consider to be of particular interest to policy makers, scholars, and analysts. These book-length monographs cover a variety of subjects, but ideally relate to contemporary operational or strategic concerns in the realm of maritime security. Printed copies of Newport Papers are distributed to a list of approximately 300 senior commanders and staff members.

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Newport Papers 42
Navies and Soft Power: Historical Case Studies of Naval Power and the Nonuse of Military Force, edited by Bruce A. Elleman and S. C. M. Paine, presents nine historical cases of the use of navies in nonmilitary missions. These studies, by established and emerging scholars in a wide variety of fields, support current U.S. Navy attempts to balance war fighting with an ever broader array of nonmilitary missions. They remind us that naval “soft power” concerns date from antiquity and that those facing the U.S. Navy have now become remarkably diverse.

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