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NWC Museum

Located in historic Founders Hall, the historic Naval War College Museum serves to educate U.S. Naval War College (NWC) community, as the corporate memory of the U.S. Navy in the region, and as a clearinghouse for naval history information in New England. The Museum Director, a subjects-area specialist, and staff answer inquiries, provide guidance and orientation talks to visitors on regional naval history and current exhibits, and assist scholarly researchers in the use of the Museum holdings.

About NWC Museum

Tradition has it that on a late October's day in 1884, Commodore Stephen B. Luce, USN, was rowed from the flagship of the North Atlantic Squadron anchored off Newport to Coasters Harbor Island two miles north of the center of Newport, a site designated earlier that month by the Secretary of the Navy for a new kind of college. Once on the island, Luce proceeded to a large stone building, the former Newport Asylum for the Poor, climbed its rickety stairs, and as he opened the front door solemnly announced to his few companions and the empty grounds, "Poor little poorhouse, I christen thee United States Naval War College." Today the "little poorhouse" is a well preserved and stately structure, a National Historic Landmark and home to the Naval War College Museum.

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Exhibits at NWC Museum

“To Win or Lose All: Williams S. Sims and the U.S. Navy in the First World War.”
Beginning December 14th, the Naval War College Museum will host a new exhibit, “To Win or Lose All: Williams S. Sims and the U.S. Navy in the First World War.” The exhibit occupies the museum’s gallery on the second floor.

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Visiting Information

The NWC Museum is open to the public year-round Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is closed on holidays. Facilities for the handicapped are available, as is a gift shop operated by the Naval War College Foundation (which partially funds museum operations).

Those visitors without prior base access (active/retired/dependent military ID or CAC) must make arrangements several business days prior to your visit.

U.S. Citizens visiting NWC Museum

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Non-U.S. Citizens visiting NWC Museum

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Any visitor who is escorted by personnel with U.S. military identification, does not need advanced reservations. All visitors must also produce two forms of identification for entry onto the Naval Station. Visitors arriving by vehicle are required to have photo identification, proof of vehicle insurance and vehicle registration to access the base.

Base Access

Public Access to the Base

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Weekday Access to the Base

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Please contact the NWC Museum (401) 841-4052 as early as possible prior to your arrival.

For more information on directions and visiting information please visit our Directions & Visiting Information page. To receive the form that must be sent to Pass and Identification Office, please contact the NWC Museum (401) 841-4052.

Directions & Visiting Information

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