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Frequently Asked Questions


Q) I did not receive a Welcome Aboard package. What should I do? How do I receive a Welcome Aboard Package for the SEA?

A) The SEA does not mail out packages to arriving students all information is available here on the website. If you wish to receive a package via email Contact the SEA Sponsor.
Additionally, we recommend that you link to the Naval Station Newport website for specific information regarding Naval Station Newport.

Q) What are the prerequisite courses for attending the SEA?

A) The “Student Information” area on the website is a good guide to use in preparation for attending the SEA. The Resident and Non-Resident course requirements differ. In addition, the requirements for the other services are different from the U.S. Navy personnel.

Q) Am I able to receive packages via overnight delivery?

A) No, due to security precautions at the Naval War College the average turn-around time for an "Overnight package" is three days.

Q) Is the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) required? What is the alternative?

A) No, the NWU is not required. It is authorized for daily wear, but Service Khaki's are the uniform of the day and are required for RTC, the USS CONSTITUTION trips and as needed. See the “Uniforms” page for information about service equivalent uniforms.



Q) What is the cost of berthing?

A) See the Student Berthing information area of the SEA website for guidance

Q) I do not have the Dinner Dress Blue/ White jacket, is it required?

A) The Dinner Dress Blue/ White “JACKET” is optional for E7-04 (See uniform Regs)

Q) When do I submit my 1306 for the Blended Course, before or after I complete all of the pre-work?

A) You may submit your 1306 at any time, but you will have to enroll before the Blackboard portion of the class begins which ends with your two-week on-board learning phase.