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U.S. Army logoThe two courses that Army students attend at the Naval War College are the College of Naval Command and Staff (CNCS) and The College of Naval Warfare (CNW).   CNCS is the Naval version of Command and General Staff College (CGCS) attended by Majors (O4) as an alternative to Intermediate Level Education (ILE) at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. CNW is attended by Army Lieutenant Colonels (O5) and Colonels (O6) in lieu of the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks. Both CNCS and CNW graduates will receive a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies

This page facilitates the personnel administrative needs of Army students while attending the U.S. Naval War College. There are two key organizations that require information to process you into the college. They are the Naval War College Dean of Students and the Army Student Detachment at Fort Jackson. Online in-processing for the college requires a username and password that is generated by the Dean of Students Office. Online in-processing for Ft. Jackson requires access to their SharePoint portal.

Standard In-processing requires the following:
1. Online registration for the Dean of Students 
2. Online administrative requirements for the Student Detachment Fort Jackson
4. Attend Army Welcome/In-brief (CNW and CNCS)
5. Attend Army Refresher Course (P950) (CNCS/”Junior” Students only)**
6. Completion of the Naval War College Orientation program 

**The College of Naval Command and Staff (CNCS), or “Junior” class, must also complete the annual 10-day Army refresher training course that is conducted at the College in late July. Off-cycle CNCS students will complete this training with the normal August-June class. The College of Naval Warfare (CNW), or “Senior” class, is not required to attend the Ft. Leavenworth training.

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Army Administrative Assistant

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Naval War College Quarterdeck (24-hour duty office)
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