U.S. Naval War College President Conducts Community Outreach in Albany, New York

The USS Slater is the last remaining Destroyer Escort afloat in America.
The USS Slater is the last remaining Destroyer Escort afloat in America. Tour this historic WWII ship daily May - October. (With permission of Discover Albany)

ALBANY, NY -- U.S. Naval War College President Rear Adm. Jeffrey Harley spoke with local Albany volunteers at the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum on Thursday, Oct. 25. The event provided the opportunity to speak to and thank those community volunteers who support the museum housed on the former Navy destroyer escort USS Slater.

During the visit, Harley toured Slater in the day and later said, "She was laid down in Tampa, Florida, 75 years ago. However, due to the incredible work of dedicated volunteers, she looks like she could deploy at a moment's notice. Your skill in maintaining her is an honor to all who have served on destroyers."

He further spoke about his own experiences serving aboard a number of destroyers.

"I am a destroyer man. My career and experiences afloat have been aboard frigates, destroyers and cruisers, but mostly destroyers, having served as department head, XO and CO in destroyers as well as having command of a destroyer squadron," he said. "I felt blessed to cut my teeth in destroyers, for there are no ships like them and no crews either. Destroyers and destroyer men and now women have stood the test of time."

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